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My miss dance in the Newport cigarette
Every time when I light a Newport Green Menthol cigarette, it’s not due to the attraction of nicotine. Honey, just I miss you!When I miss you, I am very lonely and helpless, but I can’t talk to anyone. A huge room, only leave me alone, I will turn off the light, drown myself in a vast obscurity . Then, lit a cigarette, with smoke in and out, to dilute the concentration of missing! At the moment, you beautiful appearance, your graceful posture, shine in the rising wave.
Newport short cigarette is no good for the lungs, X ray shows that the lungs have?shadow?been stained with smoke. Dear, you don’t have to wonder. I know, this shadow is actually the epitome shisha tobacco of your shadow! I turn the pain when i miss you into a cough lung pains.Once upon a time, I was to close the heart, because I can’t forget you, the door open as a closed window. In and out of the window, let the rain come and go, but you have turned a deaf ear to my persistence. It is said that the buy cheap cigarettes true meaning of love in the final analysis is to love yourself, why do I always put myself in pain and confusion? In the world of love, love or not love, there is no transition zone. However, you are a beautiful scenery in the transition zone, in the players cigarettes other side of the heart, I am unable “YTDFSGFGCUEYAB” to travel. You say, the tide turned back, the sea is the sea, the shore is still the shore. I say, dear, when you put the sea into the heart, there is no barrier and shore. Even if one day, I put steadfast love stand in the cliff, also hope you are opposite valley that i protect, with you from afar, and your eyes are parallel, let me call, echoed love to your.
A gentleman said: “put your name on the cigarette, sucked into the lungs, ?let your stay in the nearest place!” What a classic sentence, how can he describe smoking so magical and beautiful. The two heart gracious, is love. If you are destined to be my heartache, is doomed to be unable to stop in my heart. I had to put you into my lungs. Let you close to the heart, even if do ingredients in cigarettes not leave intimate love, I also left a trace of warmth!Are you the Newport regular tobacco that i can��t give up?When i smoke, you are in my eyes.